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DESERT RAT Distortion Pedal

DESERT RAT Distortion Pedal – Sale Starts on November 11th at 8am MDT (Mountain Time).

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DESERT RAT Distortion Pedal by Fowl Sounds and Desert Records

The LM308 chip has become elusive, but we found a stash and wanted to share a classic rodent style circuit with you for an affordable price. It’s named after those born, raised, or have spent most of their life in the desert and are proud of where they come from because of the beauty this landscape holds. It is also a well known secret that the desert has produced some of the best riffs. So in honor of that, Desert Records and Fowl Sounds presents the Desert Rat!

This design is pretty true to the original, with a bit more bass and an upgraded power supply for a better noise floor. We are using some Germanium Diodes for a little more warmth and fuzz while adding an active volume for a bit more boost than the original. Distortion has the same amount of gain but may get a bit more saturation because of the diode swap. Filtering rolls off some highs and can go quite dark if desired. 

Plug in, turn up and tune in to the tones of the Desert.




These will ship from Denver, CO starting on December 1st, 2022 (at the latest). We hope to get these out before 12/1/22, but these will be built by hand, so bear with us!


We have worked hard to ensure our pedals will work for a long time but sometimes things happen. For the first year, your  pedal is fully covered for parts and workmanship.  Workmanship (ie soldering and assembly) has a 5 year warranty for normal wear and tear, but customers covers shipping.   We will try and repair accidental damage to the best of our ability for a small bench fee.

Our pedals are hand built in small batches. We will not accept returns because it is “not your thing”. However, we do understand the eternal quest for tone and encourage selling and trading of our products.