Vinyl Shipping Delays


As many of you know, vinyl pressing plants around the world are extremely backed up. Pressing plants have been changing ETA’s for shipping of vinyl with longer delays than originally estimated. The pressing plants have also increased their pricing by 30-40%. This is extremely tough for a small business, but we will work hard to maintain it to provide you with quality music and customer service!At this time, Desert Records WILL NOT increase prices of vinyl to our customers.

Here are the updated vinyl LP shipping estimates (subject to change):

Legends of the Desert: Vol. 2 featuring The Penitent Man & Cortége – Late September/early October.

Book of Wyrms “Occult New Age” – Late October/early November.

Red Beard Wall “3” – mid/late November. 

L’uomo Nero “Elle, De La Mer” mid/late November.

THANK YOU for all your support and for your patience with the shipping delays. These titles will be worth the wait!

-Brad Frye

Desert Records