Women Of Doom

Women Of Doom
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 10-4-2020
Genre: Doom Metal

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1. Nighthawk and Heavy Temple - Astral Hand
2. Amy Tung Barrysmith - Broken
3. Besvarjelsen - A Curse to be Broken
4. Mlny Parsonz - A Skeleton is Born
5. Frayle - Marrow
6. The Otolith - Bone Dust
7. Doomstress Alexis - Facade
8. Deathbell - Coldclaw
9. The Keening - A Shadow Covers Your Face
10. Mlny Parsonz - Broke An Arrow (Bonus)

About Album

Women of Doom is a project created to highlight, recognize, and celebrate the impact of female artists on all things heavy.

9 songs from Mlny Parsonz (of Royal Thunder), The Otolith (feat. 4 former members of SubRosa), Amy Tung-Barrysmith (of Year of the Cobra), Frayle, Nighthawk and Heavy Temple, The Keening (Rebecca Vernon of SubRosa), Besvarjelsen, Doomstress Alexis and Deathbell.

Nearly every single facet of this project was led and fueled by women.

Lara Subterranean from Germany, created the album artwork, front cover, and logo.

Jenn D’Eugenio from Women In Vinyl and Furnace Record Manufacturing has been a spokesperson for the project and has been the sales rep for the pressing of the vinyl. Jenn assembled a team of women to press the vinyl.

Jenn Eck of Lucky Lacquers cut the vinyl lacquers.

Jett Galindo of The Bakery Mastering in CA, mastered the album for digital and vinyl formats.

Elizabeth Galdamez of Hear She Roars blog, wrote the essay featured in the liner notes of the album jacket.

A collaborative compilation album presented on classic and limited edition vinyl, CD, and digital formats, Women of Doom features all-new original songs from a phenomenal assemblage of female musicians and artists whose creativity and heaviness have been blowing our minds and our speakers for years.