Volume: 1

The Horned God 'Volume: 1'
Artist: The Horned God
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 14-12-2018
Genres: Doom Metal, Stoner Rock

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1. Intro
2. Search For The Horned God
3. Exiled
4. Battle For The North
5. Earth Goddess
6. The New Horned God
7. Hymn of Slough Feg
8. Lunar Power
9. Fodder Flax Fire and Frigg
10. Avagdu + Hidden Track

About Album

The Horned God consist of three members, Dominic on vocals and guitar, Robson on bass and Tim on drums. This one of a kind dynamic three piece bring the story of Slaine to life with lyrical dialog and narratives ripped from the pages of the book accompanied by full costume and projected comic book cells throughout the entire performance.