The Land Of Enstrangement: Volume 2

The Land Of Enstrangement: Volume 2
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 2-8-2019
Genres: Alternative Rock, Various

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1. Amped Owl Drive - The Fall
2. Anesthesia - Boneman
3. Ashes Of Jupiter - Inevitable
4. Bellemah - Lightning Bug
5. Blood Wolf - Hollow Souls
6. Carrier Waves - Broken Rhyme
7. Crown and Casket - Appleseed
8. Devil's Throne - The Horned God
9. Dust City Opera - I Need A Man
10. Friend 2 Foe - Charlie Brown
11. Guadalupe Blue - Frog Song
12. Prism Bitch - Treehouse
13. Red Light Cameras - Caged
14. Russian Girlfriends - All My Friends Are Ghosts
15. Skyholder - Metaphors
16. Sothoryos - Malicious Beasts
17. St. Petersburg - Walk Out
18. St. Victims - Botfly Reunion
19. Sweet Nothin - Not Cool
20. The Sex On TV - Weak Knees
21. Tenderizor - Ides/Wrath
22. TV Killers - Thirst Is Eternal

About Album

THE LAND OF ENSTRANGEMENT: VOL 2 is a continuation of the diverse compilation series by Desert Records. Showcasing electric guitar based bands from all over the state of New Mexico, VOL 2 is the “Green” album.

This volume features more Santa Fe bands, which is currently producing some of the most talented and extreme metal bands in the Southwest region of the United States. There are also a number of previously unreleased songs by new bands in the Albuquerque area.

Like it’s predecessor, Vol 1 the “Red” album, THE LAND OF ENSTRANGEMENT: VOL 2 covers a ton of ground genre-wise. From straight up rock ‘n roll to blackened death metal and everything in between from thrash metal to indie rock, this will surely take you on a wild ride.

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