The Inexplicable Vibrations Of Frequencies Within The Cosmic Netherworld

Stone Machine Electric 'The Inexplicable Vibrations of Frequencies Within the Cosmic Netherworld'
Artist: Stone Machine Electric
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 4-12-2020
Genres: Psych Rock, Space Rock

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1. Free Thought
2. Journey on the Nile
3. At Crystal Lake

About Album

Stone Machine Electric is a Texas-based stoner rock duo best known for crafting a dark and spacious brand of psychedelic jamming that they have dubbed Doom Jazz.

Formed in the summer of 2009 by Mark Kitchens and William (Dub) Irvin, the journey started as soon as they began to play. While the original intent was to be a power trio, the right bassist never materialized and so the duo began to unleash their Wo Fat and Earthless inspired sonic explorations upon the earth.