Caravan East

The Gral Brothers 'Caravan East'
Artist: The Gral Brothers
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 20-3-2020
Genre: Psych Rock

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1. Siesta Hills
2. Circuit City
3. Cactus Man
4. In Die Pizzeria
5. Crowbar
6. Santa Sleeves
7. Silva Lanes
8. Ode To Marge

About Album

Recorded in Albuquerque, NM over roughly two years, “Caravan East” sounds like timeless cross-sections of Albuquerque that are distorted, reverberated, psychedelicized and sun-drenched. Never staying in one frequency-range long enough to be defined by it.

The GRAL Brothers are Greg Williams (drums, percussion, tape loops, effects, mixing, production) and Alex McMahon (guitars, pedal steel, bass, keyboards, effects, production). Recorded partially at Empty House Studio with Matthew Tobias as well as in living rooms, bedrooms, vacant parking lots and airport terminals.

This is Instrumental Desert Music…with elements of psychedelia, spaghetti westerns, sci-fi, and ambient, and New-Mexicana.
An unintentional soundtrack to a David Lynch movie that doesn’t yet exist. Eerie, distorted and cerebral yet strangely familiar and comforting.

For fans of Ennio Morricone, Calexico, Explosions in the Sky, Tom Waits, The Desert Sessions Friends of Dean Martinez and The Dirty Three.

Welcome to Caravan East.