Andiamo Nel Deserto

L'uomo Nero 'Andiamo Nel Deserto'
Artist: L’uomo Nero
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 6-11-2020
Genres: Blues Rock, Desert Rock

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1. Andiamo
2. Afterman
3. Nel deserto
4. Walk Away

About Album

Albuquerque’s blues rockers L’uomo Nero unveil the details about their EP trilogy concept based on a supernatural thriller. First chapter ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’ will be issued in November through Desert Records.

Occult blues rockers ‘L’UOMO NERO’ play with their band name, ‘The Boogeyman’, to build an intriguing sonic trilogy made of 3, four song EPs: ‘Andiamo Nel Deserto’, ‘Del la Mer’ and ‘Voda Atebo Ohen’.

The records follow the adventures of occult Detectives Nico L’oscuro, Quello Bello and Sentire, and their supernatural and magical practices to uncover the mystery behind the “disappearance” of a woman from New Mexico.

Created on a fantastic thriller basis and inspired by true events and by American author H.P. Lovecraft, the three EPs take the protagonist through the stages of grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. All three records together form the framework of a gloomy occult crime investigation illustrated by a special artwork and layouts that reveals some missing clues.