Red Beard Wall ‘3’
Artist: Red Beard Wall
Label: Desert Records
Release Date: 2-7-2021
Genre: Sludge

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1. Tap
2. Move Forth
3. Contrarian
4. Waste
5. My Brothers
6. Liberate
7. Leave Me Be
8. Keep Fighting
9. Home

About Album

With a by-now-signature blend of raw sludge and post-hardcore-style melodicism, West Texas’ Red Beard Wall signs to Desert Records for the forthcoming album “3”!

2 years after the critically acclaimed sophomore effort “The Fight Needs Us All,” and touring incessantly to support it…the mighty Red Beard Wall are BACK! The highly anticipated and aptly titled new album “3” has arrived in all its gnarly, yet beautiful amalgamation of heavy!

“3” is the bands most urgently emotional and honest collection of songs to date. Heavier than ever, gnarlier than ever, more passionate than ever, and on the flipside, more lush and beautiful than ever. Riff salad with a healthy side of groove soup.