Betty & Branden Buy Now CD / DD Legends Of The Desert Vol 3 BUY NOW Desert Records droneroom “…the nom de strum of Blake Edward Conley & the self-professed ‘Cowboy of Drone’…” droneroom Buy Now Whatever Truthful Understanding CD / DD Cowgirl T-Shirt Buy Turq Red Mesa 'Space Cowgirl' T-Shirt featuring artwork by Kyree Bjurling Buy Red Red Beard Wall Red Beard Wall 3 LP / CD / DD Buy Now
"...riff salad with a healthy side of groove soup..."
The Misery Men “…heavy grunge, doom and drone with Nirvana, Danzig, Acid Bath and Sleep overtones…” The Misery Men Buy Now Devillusion CD / DD L’uomo Nero L’uomo Nero - background Elle, De La Mer 10" / DD Buy Now "...the band capture that special musical alchemy that you only seem to get with a three-piece..." Desert Records Records logo white Desert logo desert rock • stoner rock • heavy rock • doom • metal
Shop Now desert rock • stoner rock
heavy rock • doom • metal
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