Flannel Buy Now Flannel Overdriver Distortion Pedal Grim Earth In The Throes of Madness Nov 5th - CD/DD Pre-Order "...a release of anger, fear, depression and dissapointment..." Backstabber Bass Overdrive/Distortion Buy Now Backstabber 2.0 The Misery Men “…heavy grunge, doom and drone with Nirvana, Danzig, Acid Bath and Sleep overtones…” The Misery Men Buy Now Devillusion October 1st - CD / Digital The Angelus Why We Never Die August 20th - CD / Digital Buy NOw "...The Angelus’s third studio album is brimming with songs of the thunderously sublime and arrestingly heartfelt..." The Angelus L’uomo Nero L’uomo Nero - background Elle, De La Mer July 16th - 10" Vinyl / Digital Buy Now "...the band capture that special musical alchemy that you only seem to get with a three-piece..." Dizygote Fathoms “…a father & son sludge metal duo, this four track EP is their antidote to the pandemic blues…” Fathoms buy now Sorcia Death By Design '...heavy sludgy riffs and then stripping it down to a soulful acoustic jam...' Buy Now July 16th - CD / Digital Red Beard Wall Red Beard Wall 3 July 2nd - LP/CD/Digital Buy Now
"...riff salad with a healthy side of groove soup..."
Legends Desert Vol 2 Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 Legends Of The Desert - Volume 2 - The Penitent Man
Buy Now June 4th - CD / LP / Digital Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 - Back Legends Of The Desert: Volume 2 - The Penitent Man / Cortége The Penitent Man & Cortége
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heavy rock • doom • metal

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