droneroom “…the nom de strum of Blake Edward Conley & the self-professed ‘Cowboy of Drone’…” droneroom Buy Now Whatever Truthful Understanding April 15th - CD/DD Cowgirl T-Shirt Buy Turq Red Mesa 'Space Cowgirl' T-Shirt featuring artwork by Kyree Bjurling Buy Red Betty Benedeadly The Adventures “…Betty’s second EP continues the solo musician’s sonic exploration of psychedelic folk…” Betty Benedeadly Buy Now The Adventures Of Mabel & Carter Feb 18th - CD/DD Red Beard Wall Red Beard Wall 3 July 2nd - LP/CD/DD Buy Now
"...riff salad with a healthy side of groove soup..."
The Misery Men “…heavy grunge, doom and drone with Nirvana, Danzig, Acid Bath and Sleep overtones…” The Misery Men Buy Now Devillusion Oct 1st - CD/DD L’uomo Nero L’uomo Nero - background Elle, De La Mer July 16th - 10"/DD Buy Now "...the band capture that special musical alchemy that you only seem to get with a three-piece..." Desert Records Records logo white Desert logo desert rock • stoner rock • heavy rock • doom • metal
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heavy rock • doom • metal
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